Just the Stats for February 2017

Photo by kakisky at Morguefile.com

Photo by kakisky at Morguefile.com

Air Travel and Trying to Ketchup?

At 30,000 feet, lower cabin pressure causes less oxygen to get into the blood stream. This tends to dull taste buds, giving folks an appetite for something hardier, like tomato juice.  German airline Lufthansa reports that it serves about 1.7 million liters of tomato juice each year.1

Not Sticking it Out

The divorce rate more than doubled from 1990-2012 for couples age 55 to 64 and tripled for those age 65 and older.2

What will it be worth?

Even if the inflation rate hovers around the Federal Reserve’s 2 percent target range, the buying power of a dollar would be reduced to 67 cents over a 20-year period.3

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

According to a recent survey by the Vision Council:4

  • Only 31% of Americans protect their eyes with sunglasses every time they go outside.
  • 34% have experienced symptoms of prolonged UV exposure, such as eye irritation, trouble seeing and red or swollen eyes.
  • More people are concerned with fit (65%) and affordability (54%) than UV protection (44%) when they purchase sunglasses.

Willing to Share

The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently published its 2016 global trade report. Atop the list of trade-friendly economies are Singapore, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Luxembourg and Sweden. The United States ranks as No. 22.5

Getting Smarter

The use of smartphones increased more than 30 percent from 2011 to 20156

Open Season

The tax filing season officially opened Jan. 23 for the approximately 153 million returns expected.7

That’s a lot of Pizza Pies

The average household in the US orders pizza 18 times a year.8 (HT: Chris Bailey on Twitter)

Continued Increase In Breaches

In general, 2016 saw a 40% increase in corporate data breaches compared to 2015, but breaches affecting the financial services industry declined.  Overall data breach stats from the report revealed9:

  • An all-time record high number of 1,093 data breaches in 2016, up from 780 in 2015.
  • Fifty-two percent exposed Social Security numbers.
  • Some 72% of exposures came from hacking, skimming or phishing.
  • The majority of records exposed were in the healthcare industry.
  • Only 13% of data breaches exposed credit card or debit card information.
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